About HJH (English)

Hjelp Jødene Hjem – Help Jews Home – HJH, is a Norwegian initiative and a unique project aimed at helping Israel receive new immigrants from around the world.

What do we do?

Help Jews Home (HJH) is a non-profit organization which main objective is to collect and send money to aid new immigrants to Israel.

HJH is a registered entity. Our organizational number is: 971144777

HJH is also registered in the Norwegian non-profit registry (Frivillighetsregisteret.)


Established in 1990, HJH started helping Soviet-Jewry immigrate to Israel by supporting transportation, Hebrew lessons and other necessary steps for a successful aliyah. It was soon apparent that more help was needed than simply getting them to Israel. With more than 1.2 million immigrants coming to Israel in the last 25 years from the former USSR, HJH has increased its support to immigration aid in Israel.

Today HJH supports a large number of projects which help new immigrants, from all over the world, both prior to their aliyah and once in Israel.

Why do Norwegians support HJH?

Many Norwegians have a strong and deep connection to Israel, despite the image currently portrayed in much of international and Norwegian media.

  • Many Norwegians support and care deeply for Israel.
  • Many Norwegians want to help Jews immigrate and settle successfully in Israel.
  • Many Norwegians wish to help the Jewish people.
  • Because the battle against anti-semittism is a battle which affects us all. There is a ghost passing through Europe.
  • Because many Norwegians want to help spread information and help Israel with practical measures for all immigrants to Israel.

Chairman of HJH’s board, Øyvind Bernatek, at a visit to one of HJH’s supported projects.

How does HJH work?

Christian, Jewish and pro-Israel organizations work in a direct collaboration in Norway through Help Jews Home. Eight organizations and denominations support the non-profit organization.

HJH’s success has been accomplished with the help of brochures, flyers, video productions, almanacs, radio spots, and nation wide presentation and lecture campaigns.

HJH’s work is funded mostly by private donations, most of them given by «ordinary» people all over Norway.

The funds are channeled from HJH to the projects through well established Israeli organizations.

How does an organization apply for funding?

For the 2023 grant cycle the board of Help Jews Home has decided it will not accept any new applicants. The board will only accept applications from projects that received funding in 2022.

If you are a repeat applicant, please contact the office for guidelines if you are uncertain what to do. The application dead line for repeat projects is the 1st of March.

The board of Help Jews Home reviews all requests for funding once a year. Applications open each year on the 1st of January.

The deadline to put in an application for funds is the 1st of March each year.

To be considered for a grant, the organization applying needs to send us a letter of intent as well as a copy of the Nihul Takin, your budget and financial statements from the last two years along with a letter of intent. In the application for funding it should also be included how much funding you are asking for, and for what purpose within your project it would be going towards supporting. The amount you apply for should be stated in Norwegian Kroners.

There are no official forms to fill out. Please make sure to include the following documentation in your application:

  1. Application with a set amount in Norwegian Kroners you are applying for and what the money would be used for.
  2. Full budget for your organization.
  3. Full financial reports for the last two fiscal years.
  4. Copy of your Nihul Takin

Please make sure that all the attachements are named with your organization’s name and what it is in English. (Example: Help Jews Home Grant Application or Help Jews Home Nihul Takin)

Send the application with all supporting documents to post (at) hjhome.org

A few of the projects supported by HJH:

* Aid to emigration initiatives in the former Soviet Union:

Ulpan Halom, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hebrew Language School with a focus on motivation and preparation for emigration to Israel.

* Aid In Israel to new immigrant children from Ethiopia:

Arugot, Haifa

Helps Ethiopian immigrant children with adapting to Israeli school and culture, by giving them both practical and educational help within the school system.

*In Israel: Crisis help, health care, social services initiatives and language training

Selah, Israel Crisis Management

Volunteer visiting and support services for victims of terrorist attacks and their families and loved ones. Assistance with hospital and doctor visits, insurance claims, etc. New immigrants represent a majority among the victims of terror attacks because they are among those dependent on public transportation.

Dental Volunteers, Jerusalem

Dentists from all over the worlds give free dental care and training in dental hygiene and nutrition for immigrant children from needy families.

* In Israel: Education, supplemental job training, placements services

Machanaim, Jerusalem

Education and training center working with immigrants from the former Soviet Union, primary focus on the elderly. Discussion groups focusing on language, religion and philosophy, together with Hebrew language courses.

Keren Klita makes life easier for many new immigrants. Here on a home visits to the elderly.